International Fashion Photography - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Venice, Monaco, Seyshelles - Steinhaus-Photography

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International Fashion Photography - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Venice, Monaco, Seyshelles

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The Melon Thing

In 2013 some friends came up with the idea, I could take some pictures of their helmets. The problem was there were no helmets and we came out with that slightly beer drunk idea of realizing the pictures with real melons and some amateur fotomodels off the street and out of the circle of friends.
It was great fun and very healthy to eat melon fruit salad, drink melon juice in the morning and melon with "Serrano Ham" and "Melon & Gin" cocktails in the evening :-)

Here some excerpts from the worldwide campaign
The Melonists
Monaco - First "Like Bike"

We went down to Monaco with golden helmets in our luggage. After a comprehensive research we finally found a perfect cooperation partner in Schwabach the hometown of the "Goldschl├Ąger" handcraft.

Although Monaco has a variety of intresting locations for photoshoots, our choice was a small wardrobe at the "Grimaldi Forum". Availible light shoot with a small light spot coming from the room ceiling.

Thanx to "Electrolyte" for the incredible bikes :-)

Shoot in  
Abu Dhabi & Dubai
Photoshoot for local designers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

We traveled for several days through the United Arab Emirates. Between the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah up north and the desert Rub Al Khali in the south, close to the border with Saudi-Arabia, we found so many photogenic scenery.
As always, the shortage of time was the most unpleasant problem we had.
DSC_0306-1-NAWAR-WEB 3x2.jpg
Spontaneous Sunglasses Shoot - A new product of the "Melon" brand family

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