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PASSION for Photography
I love working with people and thankfully this is a major part of my job. There are magic moments between the model and the camera that I really enjoy. At home it all starts with an idea.
After getting hit by the inspiration, my inner child awakes and makes me play with settings, moods, lights and people. I love to develop ideas and to build up settings & scenes, even if that means to carry 100 Kg pumpkin up to the 4th floor :-)

"Photography is more than just freezing one special moment for eternity, it's all about creativity. "

Within the last years I got delightet by the colours which nature offers.

Vegetables, fruits and blossoms seem to be a good envirement for my models.

Apart from that or in combination, it is currently gold that is fascinating me.

Follow my on instagram, facebook or read my blog to stay tuned.

I'm available for shoots, don't hesitate to contact me and ask for a date or prices.

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